Exciting Tours of Beautiful Belize
for Cruise Ship Tourists and Belize Vacationers

Belize R Us offers a complete selection of Belize excursions and day tours of Belize including cave tubing, ziplines, cave tours, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, Mayan site visits, wild life encounters and bird watching. Come enjoy all the best things to do in Belize with us!

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Belize is like a giant theme park created by nature to educate, enlighten and enthrall all people that visit this remarkable country that offers so many different types of experiences. Explore your options and book your tour with Belize R Us for a guaranteed great time.

Belize Cave Tubing
& Ziplines

Experience The Most
Extreme Belize
Caving Adventure

Belize Wildlife

Belize offers the most
amazing wildlife

Belize Mayan

These tours will reveal
to you all the majesty
of ancient Mayan culture

Belize Mountain

These tours will show the
natural beauty to be
found in Western Belize

Belize Reef

There are a great variety
of reef types and diving
snorkeling experiences…

Belize Culture
& Party Tours

Discover the interesting
history and experience
the culture of Belize

“Avoid the “Cattle Herd” Tours; Get Personal with Belize R Us!

  • Cruise ship tourist excursions – we will pick you up!
  • Experienced guides licensed by Belize Tourism Board
  • Personalized tours for you and your group up to 20
  • Based at the gorgeous Black Orchid Resort near airport
  • We own our tourist vans and buses; all air conditioned
  • Sustainable tourism partner with Rain Forest Alliance
  • Accessible facilities and vehicle ramps so everyone can tour
  • Tour services for hotels, resorts and travel agents too!Freshwater swimming pool