Cave Tubing & Zipline Adventure From Belize City

Some of the most fun you can have when visiting Belize is to embark on a cave tubing and ziplining tour. Belize R Us is one of the best places to book such a tour as we have a personalized approach. We are experienced in avoiding the massive crowds that happen when several cruise ships are in the port. When you book with us, you can rest assured that your adventure will be full of fun memories and not stressful ones from being caught in a big crowd. We have our own transportation to take you to and from the tour point, and we have experienced and professional guides to assure your safety and security. Fees for transportation and everything else are also included in our prices. We can pick you up from multiple locations, including the airport, the cruise ship terminal or the Belize Tourism Village. We can also come to your resort or hotel.

What Is Belize Cave Tubing?

People from all around the world know that Belize is one of the top destinations for cave tubing. The caves hidden in the Belize jungles are naturally formed through thousands of years. By riding through the cave on an inner tube, you can see massive caverns and amazing natural formations. The caves were often used by the Maya for ceremonial purposes, including human sacrifices to their gods. Some caves were even believed to be the underworld and home of the gods. There are a number of different cave tours that you can take with us, including the Crystal Cave Adventure Tour, the Full Day Combo Adventure Tour, the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave Tour and the Barton Creek Cave Tour.

Crystal Cave Adventure Tour

The Crystal Cave, or Mountain Cow Cave, is perhaps Belize’s most famous and extreme cave. This is an intense tour that is ideal for those who love adventure and physical activity. It starts in Blue Hole National Park and continues with a jungle hike for about an hour. When you arrive at the cave, you will descend some 15 feet by rope into the mouth of the cave. This was considered by the Maya to be the Underworld of Xibalba. Once inside, you will hike through the cave passages in the footprints of an ancient civilization.

Book your cave tubing and ziplining tour with Belize R Us today for the jungle experience of a lifetime!