Where to Book Your Belize Tours and Belize Shuttles in 2020/2021

Where to Book Your Belize Tours and Belize Shuttles

Belize is a small country that’s jam-packed with thrilling adventures and countless opportunities to enjoy nature in all its untouched, unspoiled beauty. Now, Belize R Us and the Black Orchid Resort are making it easy to enjoy a Belize vacation filled with everything you want to experience here.

Your Belize Vacation Questions Answered

If you’re planning a vacation to Belize, you’re probably wondering, where do you start? How do you make arrangements to all the tours, excursions and trips you want to take? Where’s the best place to stay?

If you book with Belize R Us through Black Orchid Resort, you’ll answer all those questions easily. Belize R Us is the premier tours and transportation service in Belize, and it’s based at the gorgeous, conveniently located Black Orchid Resort.

Experience All of Belize

With Belize R Us, you can create the Belize vacation you want. If you love the outdoors, we can take you on river rides, cave explorations, scuba diving, waterfall rappelling or jungle zip-lining. If you love nature, we can take you to some of the finest birding spots in the world and to Belize’s amazing wildlife sanctuaries. Do you want to step back in history to discover the secrets of the ancient Maya? Do you want to meet the modern Maya who live in Belize? Maybe you want to relax and enjoy our beaches, festivals, and other fun outings.

You can do it all in Belize. Best of all, Belize R Us handles everything for you in an all-inclusive package that covers your stay and meals at the resort, tour fees, guides and transportation.

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Comfort and Convenience Are Part of the Belize Vacation Package

Booking with Belize R Us gives you the incredible convenience of not having to look for lodging, look for a tour guide company and figure out your transportation in Belize. Booking your stay at the Black Orchid Resort gives you access to all the top-flight tours, expert tour guides and the comfortable, safe transportation you need to get around.

With Belize R Us, you get experienced local guides who are licensed by the Belize Tourism Board. We can pick you up from the airport, from your cruise ship port or from the Black Orchid Resort and take you anywhere in our own spacious, air-conditioned cars and vans. We’re a Rainforest Alliance partner committed to helping you enjoy Belize’s natural beauty in a way that’s sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Our Belize tour packages include everything a traveler looks for in a great Belize vacation.

Get Blissful at Black Orchid Resort

Black Orchid Resort is conveniently located just 15 minutes from Philip Goldson Airport. This elegant, eco-friendly resort offers a blend of modern convenience and old-fashioned charm. You’ll feel at home in our spacious rooms with views of the Belize River, landscaped walkways, onsite gourmet restaurant, onsite bar, and many guest amenities. Black Orchid is the perfect place to return after an action-packed day in Belize.